Nothing is solid.
Nothing is real.
You can not experience anything outside of your own brain.
Everything is energy.
Everything is frequency.
This is revealed to you through resonance.
It’s all waves.
Bad and good vibrations are different ends of a spectrum.
Labelled as such through subconscious drives for survival.
Life is not dualistic.
The checkerboard is a lie.
(wrapped in a hand shake)
Yet the truth is there is no light without dark.
They are one and the same.
In this way the checkerboard is truth
This in itself points to the nature of truth
For what is truth without untruth?
The 6 is a 9 and the 9 is a 6
Polarity breathes life into our individual experience.
How do you know joy without pain?
It is the product of resonance.
And at the polarities we see “other” and we see “self”
Yet we miss the nuance of tones and semitones.
Lol, our very language is dualistic.
We live life at extremes
The left wing and right
Fight or flight
Life is music.
Its seed is sound.
The word is “be”.
The word is Kun.
The word is Om.
Every element of reality like a moving image on an oscilloscope
Layered infinitely to create the field of all possibility.
The solidity of the waking world.
When we tune and attune
We experience synchronicity.
Patterns become apparent.
It is beyond our words to express.
When we step outside the habitual noise of our thinking
We experience stillness
It cannot be still
To be still is to not exist.
Yet I cease to exist when we are truly still.
And there I am again.

Most of you will think I’m crazy…..

Good 🙏🏽❤️

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