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Adam’s Story – Part 2: Searching For Home (The Real Stories Project)

For Part 1 of Adam’s Story ‘Searching For Home’ click here. How did I even come to carry a knife? Let me rewind a bit. When I was finally released from youth offenders I was released on tag and went… Continue Reading →

Adam’s Story – Part 1: Searching For Home (The Real Stories Project)

All names have been changed to protect the identity of the storyteller and the people involved. These words are written by me but spoken by Adam in a series of conversations over a period of time. Adam’s story is not… Continue Reading →

Jodie’s Story – My Saving Grace (The Real Stories Project)

My name is Jodie… and I am an addict. I have been saying that sentence for over ten years but have never written it. I have been clean for 10 years and counting. My story starts similar to any other… Continue Reading →

Charlie’s Story – Surviving Domestic Abuse & Addiction (The Real Stories Project)

Trigger Warning: Subjects of domestic violence, emotional abuse, sexual assault, drug & alcohol addiction. Names have been changed. This chapter tells the story of my beautiful little human being brought into the world. At 18 I was deeply involved in… Continue Reading →

Southend Brown – By Marie Edmonds

  A long long time ago I can still remember how things used to make me smile. But that was then, and this and now, alone again after a blazing row, I wonder if I’ll ever smile again. February you… Continue Reading →

Paige’s Story – My Traumatic Birth (The Real Stories Project)

28th September, Baby Bean The day that I lived for. Not just for me, but my little Bean too. I called my partner and sobbed uncontrollably down the phone that I was pregnant, he was going to be a Daddy…. Continue Reading →

Liz’s Story – Confessions Of A Cheat (The Real Stories Project)

Liz’s Story – The third instalment of The Affairs Series Why Do I Cheat? It’s the million-dollar question. Is it because I’m not loyal? Cheating is such a disloyal act and yet I really am very loyal outside of it…. Continue Reading →

Jayne’s Story – A Daughter’s Grief (The Real Stories Project)

When Jayne discovered that her Dad had only had a matter of weeks to live, she made it her own personal mission to do everything in her power to ensure that no stone was left unturned with regards to what… Continue Reading →

Kathryn’s Story – Part 3: My Partner’s Affair (The Real Stories Project)

Click here for Part 1 Click here for Part 2 Trigger warning: Mention of drugs, alcohol and domestic violence. He was chopping carrots and as the sentence flew from my mouth the chopping stopped. He didn’t look up. Instead, after… Continue Reading →

Kathryn’s Story – Part 2: My Partner’s Affair (The Real Stories Project)

Click here for Part 1 I stopped breathing as I clicked the first link. It was a ‘match’ for Andrew. It was a fuzzy, badly taken photo of a red-headed busty girl. Her face is a blur as I clicked… Continue Reading →

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