He had HS2
Bold across his
Hi-Viz bright orange back

I wondered if I should call someone

And alert them to the earth destroying
Working class geezer on the train
Who’s delighted to be earning a mega-wage
by his own community’s
brexit voting standards

Eww! so judgemental
Eww! so presumptuous

Like not all white working class men who destroy the countryside for a living are Brexit voters

But all white working class men who work in construction are at the highest risk of suicide

True fact

Every time I see their bright supposedly protective clothes
That does nothing to protect their hearts and minds
I think about the data
And the soul destroying banter
The bullying they endure
For the lure
Of good money

Cocaine fuelled beer benders
Tunes banging

Masks are on

Next mans hanging

And no one saw it coming

The geezer in the HS2
Bright orange
Attention grabbing colour

Couldn’t grab attention
If he was suffering

Compassion …
KINDNESS buffering …..
…. waiting to load