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‘Coming Down’ – By Kay

I remember… That feeling of never wanting to come down. Not just ‘not wanting to’ but being utterly defiant. Through sheer denial. There was no down. Down did not exist. Down was terrifying, petrifying even. If the slightest inkling of… Continue Reading →

‘Untitled’ – By Craig Linton

Nothing is solid. Nothing is real. You can not experience anything outside of your own brain. Everything is energy. Everything is frequency. This is revealed to you through resonance. Waves. It’s all waves. Bad and good vibrations are different ends… Continue Reading →

‘A Letter To My Son’ – By Katie

If I’d stayed a little longer, Been around a little more, If I’d have tried a little harder, Hadn’t left you waiting at the door. If I hadn’t of been so selfish, If I just could have put you first,… Continue Reading →

‘Construct-shun’ – By Cheri

He had HS2 Bold across his Hi-Viz bright orange back I wondered if I should call someone And alert them to the earth destroying Working class geezer on the train Who’s delighted to be earning a mega-wage by his own… Continue Reading →

‘Embrace Your Shadow’ By Henrietta

I’ve survived desperation a darkness from within. The depth of which was solitude a life emersed with sin. Uncomfortable with silence, Uncomfortable with noise, The pain was uncontrollable, It was taking me, I couldn’t back out, I didn’t have a… Continue Reading →

Southend Brown – By Marie Edmonds

  A long long time ago I can still remember how things used to make me smile. But that was then, and this and now, alone again after a blazing row, I wonder if I’ll ever smile again. February you… Continue Reading →

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