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My Real Stories

Toddlers, Lockdowns and Tough Decisions

Having a baby is such an intense shock to the system. For me at least. Despite wanting it so much, despite preparing, despite how ready I was. You cant be fully prepared, not really. You can only feel prepared because… Continue Reading →

My Mental Health In Lockdown

When is it ok not to be ok in a pandemic? When is it ok for you to say ‘I’m not ok?’ The answer is… ‘When you aren’t ok anymore’ and that is simply it. I wrote this for anyone… Continue Reading →

My Story – Postnatal Depression – One Year On

Well, here I am, a mother of a 13 month old baby. I survived postnatal depression and the first year of parenthood. We have a whole heap of pictures and wonderful memories of our boy growing up and us, growing… Continue Reading →

Addiction: My Story (The Real Stories Project)

This is my story of addiction, which, as you will see, unfolds a tale of a progressive and near-fatal illness. This is the first of what will hopefully be a catalogue of raw, diverse and moving stories from fellow addicts and… Continue Reading →

My Story – Baking Our First Bun in the 2018 Oven

I don’t know if any other ladies reading this have experienced the same things but I believe something goes on with a woman when she has decided ‘it’s time’. It’s as though any sane, sensible considerations can and will be… Continue Reading →

My Story – Living With An Eating Disorder

I was around 9 years old when I started to comfort eat. I inevitably gained weight, and I remember being mocked every single day by my peers for being ‘fat’. I would dread going to school. I would often cry… Continue Reading →

My Story – Love, Sex & Relationship Addiction

Before I start, this post will be coming mostly from a woman’s perspective and this is for two reasons. One, I am a woman so this is my experience, and two, the literature that has helped me to find recovery… Continue Reading →

Addiction & Trauma (Trigger Warning)

There are times during one’s recovery from addiction, where you may get the message that addiction has no relation to a difficult childhood, or something troubling you may have gone through, for instance, trauma. You don’t need to worry about… Continue Reading →

My Story – Overwhelmed to Organised (Downloadable Wall Planner)

When I came home with our new baby, there was no doubt, that my whole world had been turned completely on its head. It was like being thrown into total chaos and chaos is definitely not my happy place. I… Continue Reading →

My Story – Buying Our First Home

Richard and I had been together for over three years when he finally popped the question on my 32nd birthday. It was a wonderful weekend, I will never forget it. Even though I had kind of hinted that I would… Continue Reading →

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