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Diet Busting

Slimming World Putting Money Before People? Part Two: 30 Day Challenge

Welcome Back! Here is Part Two… For Part One Click Here. Day 3 I really didn’t fancy eggs but I need protein and fat and I need it now. I make a boiled egg and toast for breakfast. It tastes… Continue Reading →

Slimming World Putting Money Before People? Part One: 30 Day Challenge

Readers, are you sitting comfortably? Have you been to the toilet, got a blanket, a drink and maybe a biscuit or three? Or if you are a Slimming World dieter (which will now be referred to as SW to save… Continue Reading →

30 Days of Veganism

After a month break from ‘30 Days of Keto‘ I have now become ready to dip my toe in the green pastures of veganism. Personally, I would never dream of going vegan. I have known vegans who were extremely obnoxious… Continue Reading →

30 Days of Keto

What are you on a diet for? You don’t need to lose weight? This personal experiment was inspired through Instagram because, as a vulnerable foodie, I was getting fed up of all the different messages we have day after day,… Continue Reading →

Carboholic to Carborexic

Are carbs really bad? Or is it just how some people react to them? Like, alcohol for instance? Do we say alcohol is bad because some people become addicted to it? Should we or shouldn’t we be eating high carbohydrate… Continue Reading →

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